PUBLIC NOTICE The property kn...
PUBLIC NOTICE The property known as MICHAEL SPENCER MILLAR, Province of British Columbia Department of Health and Welfare Division of Vital Statistics Number 61-09-016140, a registered organization, has been Accepted for Value and exchanged into private Lumen Trust under private contract agreement by and between the Executor of the MICHAEL SPENCER MILLAR Estate, Michael-Spencer: Millar, and Lumen Trust upon consent of the Board of Trustees on the 25th day of February 2017. Any and all interested parties including legatees, Trustees, creditors, beneficiaries claiming any rights title and interest in or against the property described herein above may contact: Lumen Trust, c/o 5647 Gulf Drive, New Port Richey, Florida All title rights and interest are held by the Trustees of Lumen Trust. The Trustees and officers of Lumen Trust have no personal profit or liability in the property exchanged.
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