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Say the "Hail Mary" prayer 9 t...
Say the "Hail Mary" prayer 9 times each day for 9 days. Make 3 wishes, the first concerning business, the other 2 for the impossible. Publish this prayer on the 9th day. Your wishes will be realized even if you don't believe. Thank you Mother Teresa. R.G. & P.G. More
Posted July 16, 2019
Prince George
MIKE OLSON Trying to find Mik...
MIKE OLSON Trying to find Mike Olson or his brothers Jeff & Greg. From your old friend Steve that moved to Reno 509-497-1000 More
Posted July 03, 2019
Prince George
ANYONE with a drinking problem...
ANYONE with a drinking problem? Alcoholics Anonymous, 250-564-7550 More
Posted July 02, 2019
Single? Looking?
Single and looking?
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Posted June 26, 2019